Private Investigation = Helping People

Our business is to help people.

​Contrary to what some may believe, private investigation work actually aims to help people. Many clients who come to seek the advice and support of a private investigator (PI) have usually made their own attempts to obtain the truth and failed, or are too afraid to try for fear of repercussions. Some even feel guilty coming to a private investigator to check on their loved ones. Others simply want someone else to do the work instead of themselves.

​As private investigators, we lend a listening ear, empathize, advise and sometimes, we even counsel. We come up with suggestions and proposals to alleviate the client’s pain and lift the burden off their shoulders, Sometimes there is no perfect or obvious solution, but usually there will be several options that we can explore to move towards a resolution.

In many cases, the PI-client relationship bonds very quickly and a long-lasting trust bridges the two parties. Some even become BFFs (best friends forever)! True to the saying: “It is better to have a close neighbour than a distant relative”.

At the end of the day, our services aim to put our client’s heart at ease, to take over the “monkeys” sitting on their shoulders so that our clients can find their peace of mind.

We, Ranger PIs are here to help.


Most people associate private investigators (PIs) with ex-Police or ex-Military personnel. In actuality, PIs come from all walks of life. Past and current Ranger PIs include career investigators, ex-Police personnel, ex-Military personnel, private security personnel, housing agents, financial agents, insurance agents, drivers, IT specialists, engineers, students, legal professionals and even an ex-jockey!​

​Armed with basic private investigator licensing and our in-house surveillance tradecraft training, Ranger PIs are versatile investigators and specialists with respect to their own background experience. The varied background of our PIs enable us to adapt to the different requirements of each case,​

​Ranger surveillance PIs operate in teams to confidently deliver successful mission results. With careful consideration of the pre-determined surveillance area and quick adaptability to the changing environment as our target(s) move, team members use various modes of transportation: Car, Motorcycle and On- foot, to optimize surveillance and timely capture of critical video evidence.

​Ranger PIs enjoy the challenges of each case and endeavor to obtain the truth for our Clients, each time every time.