Evidence Collected by Private Investigators

Evidence collected by private investigators need to be relevant, obtained legally and unadulterated.

There are 2 categories of evidence: Direct and Indirect. Direct evidence proves a fact without any presumptions or inferences and can either be direct testimony of a witness, item or document.

Indirect evidence (also known as circumstantial evidence), in the absence of direct evidence, proves a fact by inference from circumstances using reasoning and experience. Such evidence can be in the form of fingerprints, surveillance videos, audio recordings, etc.

Ranger Investigators collect direct and indirect evidence depending on the requirement and situation. Engage us today to obtain the evidence you require. Call +65 9698 8142.


Investigating Moonlighting Employees

Employee moonlighting is an unhealthy practice that takes place in many organisations. On the surface, it is condoned by many “as long as it does not affect performance”. In reality it is inevitable that performance will be affected as the employee are usually distracted, sometimes sleep deprived as well. In more sinister cases, loyalty to the organisation is compromised and confidential information, trade secrets or sales revenue lost.

Signs your employee may be moonlighting:

  1. Lateness to work
  2. Sleepiness during working hours
  3. Regular absence/medical leave
  4. Long term medical leave
  5. Fake injuries
  6. Hearsay about sideline work
  7. Drop in work performance
  8. Loss of contracts/sales to unknown competitors, etc.

Ranger Investigation has assisted many employers to uncover and obtain evidence of moonlighting employees. Stop these unfair practices in your organisation! Contact us today at +65 9698 8142

Be mentally prepared before using private investigator (PI) services

Many Clients go through a phase where they will deliberate with themselves or a close confidante whether they should hire a private investigator (PI). Some spend long agonising hours thinking, moving back and forth, taking sides and end up losing sleep, feeling nauseous or not eating well.

My advice: do NOT let yourself go through this. This kind of stress destroys you. A decision needs to be made, and move on to the next step from there.

One should be mentally prepared to handle the truth, prior to obtaining it. If you are not prepared for the truth, which can be so very cruel at times, do not attempt to seek it. For once you know it, you cannot un-know it. It is best to be mentally prepared for the worst possible outcome or the truth can consume you.

Remember: Finding out what is really happening is usually not difficult; it is the handling and management of the truth that is challenging.

In the event you have decide to seek the truth, let Ranger Investigation assist or help you. We can work out a solution to suit your specific requirements.


Private Investigator’s Success Rate

An often-asked question with regard to our Private Investigation services is: “What is your success rate?”

Sometimes success in our line of work has a different definition with our Client. We have come across Clients who expect to hear 100% (or somewhere in the region) success in getting the evidence that they require. Usually in response, we align our Client with our definition of success instead of the other way around.

Our definition of success is measured by the ability to obtain the evidence when the Act of Interest takes place while remaining covert. Contrary to what some may think, our success is not defined by whether we are able to produce the particular type of evidence that the client have in mind. After all, whether or not our target commits the Act of Interest is beyond our control.

A job well done is one where we obtain all the necessary evidence as it takes place, leave the scene and the target(s) is not aware that we were even there at all.

Hiring Ranger private investigators (PIs)

In Singapore, the Private Security Industry Act covers the work performed by the private investigation industry. Private investigation agencies are issued licenses by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to operate and every private investigator need to be screened and trained before they can work as one.

​​​At Ranger Investigation, you can find the contact number listed on our website https://www.ranger-security.com.sg/. Dial the number +65 9698 8142 to reach our representative. Usually a meeting is then arranged at our office or at your place of convenience for a discussion to understand your concerns in detail. On the spot, a solution comprising of method and price will be proposed and you can decide if it meets your requirements. Upon mutual agreement, a contract will be signed and operations will begin as planned.

​The meeting is not chargeable and all matters discussed are kept in strict confidence, regardless of whether you decide to procure our services or not.

​You are welcome to enquire about our services at anytime of the day, even if it is late at night.

Private Investigation = Helping People

Our business is to help people.

​Contrary to what some may believe, private investigation work actually aims to help people. Many clients who come to seek the advice and support of a private investigator (PI) have usually made their own attempts to obtain the truth and failed, or are too afraid to try for fear of repercussions. Some even feel guilty coming to a private investigator to check on their loved ones. Others simply want someone else to do the work instead of themselves.

​As private investigators, we lend a listening ear, empathize, advise and sometimes, we even counsel. We come up with suggestions and proposals to alleviate the client’s pain and lift the burden off their shoulders, Sometimes there is no perfect or obvious solution, but usually there will be several options that we can explore to move towards a resolution.

In many cases, the PI-client relationship bonds very quickly and a long-lasting trust bridges the two parties. Some even become BFFs (best friends forever)! True to the saying: “It is better to have a close neighbour than a distant relative”.

At the end of the day, our services aim to put our client’s heart at ease, to take over the “monkeys” sitting on their shoulders so that our clients can find their peace of mind.

We, Ranger PIs are here to help.


Most people associate private investigators (PIs) with ex-Police or ex-Military personnel. In actuality, PIs come from all walks of life. Past and current Ranger PIs include career investigators, ex-Police personnel, ex-Military personnel, private security personnel, housing agents, financial agents, insurance agents, drivers, IT specialists, engineers, students, legal professionals and even an ex-jockey!​

​Armed with basic private investigator licensing and our in-house surveillance tradecraft training, Ranger PIs are versatile investigators and specialists with respect to their own background experience. The varied background of our PIs enable us to adapt to the different requirements of each case,​

​Ranger surveillance PIs operate in teams to confidently deliver successful mission results. With careful consideration of the pre-determined surveillance area and quick adaptability to the changing environment as our target(s) move, team members use various modes of transportation: Car, Motorcycle and On- foot, to optimize surveillance and timely capture of critical video evidence.

​Ranger PIs enjoy the challenges of each case and endeavor to obtain the truth for our Clients, each time every time.